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💛💘❤️️💜💙💚 La La Land of Colour

posted on January 20 2017

Colourful Toys and interiors bring colour to winter


I went to see the celebrated movie La La Land last night. When everyone is giving something five stars you need to see it for yourself and hope very much that it's not just a bunch of hype. In this case it's not hype! It is a work of art, a gorgeous, poetic film that takes so many risks it breaks the convention of rules. It makes you feel, purely and truly a lovely romp of escapism that you can delicately reflect back into your life.

One of the things it does so beautifully is celebrate colour. The clothes and the sets are full of colour and the ladies dancing in bright primary coloured dresses make the synchronicity of the dancing even more spellbinding.

Colour becomes symbolic of the richness inside us, what we can feel, see, touch, smell.. It's sensational, primal and lovely. That's because colour is processed through feeling rather than seeing, it's understood innately before you even have time to consciously take something in. 

We LOVE colour at Little Citizens Botique. Bringing it inside your home especially in the darkness of the winter months is like a tonic, refreshing and nourishing the soul. Imagine for little ones how nice as well to enjoy all that the rainbow had to offer. 

Have a look at brightly coloured toys and accessories here.

And if you haven't seen La La Land watch the trailer below and go and see it soon. It will restore you.

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