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School Aged ♡ Gifts & Ideas Guide

posted on December 13 2016

Best Gifts for School Aged Children

What to gift School Aged Children?

When kid's start school they enter a type of renaissance period. The progress they make is mind boggling as they marry their natural curiosity with the new influences of friends and school lessons. They will begin to question everything and run into moments of frustration while they try to figure out what is what. This is a time of immense amount of play. Sure play leads to learning but it also relaxes the stresses of this new found environment that begs them to achieve and meet goals.

We recommend gifting kids that are school a mix of Learning Toys, products that can help them apply their new lessons and the other extreme: toys that are total escapism that will continue to inspire their Imagination. You'll notice playing together as a family is the best gift you can give them so make sure to stock up on some Puzzles and Games and tools to get outside like jump ropes and balls. Ever heard that saying that you can learn more about a person in 10 minutes of play than in a lifetime of chat? 

On that note, we organised a little gift guide with inspiring ideas for School Aged Kids this Christmas. Hope you like it... and Happy Christmas!



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