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Giant Mikado Game in Bag


£38.99 £48.00

Large Mikado Game in a Bag by Vilac. A classic nostalgic game for all the family. With this giant set you can ensure you enjoy some outdoor play, or move the furniture out of the way and get stuck in. Think of it as a form of Twister with brains. 

The rules of the game:

The winner will be the one who has won the highest points.
1. The rods are taken in hand at first. Then, it is by suddenly opening the hand that the rods fall on the table. In case of an unsatisfactory throw, the player is allowed to repeat that throw.
2. Now, the player tries to lift the rods individually with the fingers. Without other rods however being allowed to move, when the Mikado has been lifted, it may be used for lifting further rods.
3. It is by pressing the finger on the tip of the rod that the latter may be ted most easily.
4. If another rod is moved then the number of points won must be total ed up; the next player may then begin with a new throw. The number of rounds to be played should be agreed upon before starting the game.

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