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Wagon Wishbone 3 in 1 Ride Toy

Wishbone Design


Wishbone Wagon is much more than a wagon. Gorgeous, rugged, transformable.
Our wagon is made from layered/laminated birch and eucalyptus plywood, ie. Solid wood
laminated together – not particle board.
Our glues and finishes are all non-toxic. We use water based, E1 – treated glues in our ply wood
and our products are finished with a non-toxic, water-based NC finish.
Wishbone packaging is all recycled and chlorine-free and we have a no-plastic packaging policy.
There are no lead, phthalates, BPA, PVC or formaldehyde used in the manufacturing of Wishbone
Wagon. The wagon includes plastic components made from nylon which has also passed all
chemical and toy safety standards.
The wagon handle is padded with EVA foam.
The valves are designed to keep a tyre inflated without caps. This is a safety requirement to meet
European toy safety standards.
Plantation birch, WBP glue, lightweight aluminium handle, rubber, plastic components made from nylon.
Warranty & Maintenance
1 year limited warranty. Always store indoors overnight.
100% repairable = all components available for purchase.
1 to 10 years (Max 50kg)
9.8kg / 21.5lbs


All Wishbone Bikes& Flips  are submitted to impact and static load testing to 110kg’s and have passed the EN71 Toy Safety Test which involves a 60kg dynamic load test.

We recommend a maximum rider weight for all our bikes of 30kg.

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