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Around the World with Mouk by Marc Boutavant

TATE Publishing


Calling all world travellers and those inflicted with unflinching wanderlust, this book is for us! Mouk is the adorable host who travels from one exotic location to another, when he arrived at Lake Titicaca my heart nearly jumped out of my throat, I've always wanted to go to that mythical place in Bolivia. With each turn of the page there is a surprise, a change in composition, explosive colours and unique stories. This is a book steeped in the culture of each place Mouk visits. 

Full of search and find challenges, this hard bound oversized book comes with 46 reusable stickers. Mouk will keep kids and adults entertained. Makes the most perfect gift for anyone who wants to explore the world. 

ABOUT the designer

Marc Boutavant is possibly my favourite illustrator in the world. The landscapes's he draws are hyper real, full of colour and imaginary characters. Infused with charming personalities, just the way we would like to see the world. Full of expressive quirkiness, a fresh outlook and often completely absurd but always steeped in a keen view of the world we live in. So it's especially nice to share this with our little friends. 

Part of this Art powerhouse is TATE Publishing, considered by one of the world’s leading publishers on the visual arts. They aim to bring the best new writing on art and the highest quality reproductions to the widest possible range of readers.

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